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The power of live events: how sports, music, and cultural events bring people together

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Exploring the captivating synergy of live events, from sports to music and cultural gatherings. What is the science behind and how these experiences unite people, and why they are so important for our social fabric.

Have you ever wondered why we love to attend live events so much? Whether it is a musical show, a soccer match, or an art exhibition, live events have the power to engage us, excite us, and make us feel part of a community. But what is the secret of this appeal? What are the psychological and social benefits of attending a live event? In this post, we will try to answer these questions, based on some scientific research and the testimonies of those who have experienced live events firsthand.

The power of live music

Music is a universal form of art, capable of speaking to all senses and conveying deep emotions. But live music has something more: firstly, it creates a bond between the artist and the audience, between the people who share the same space and the same moment. Secondly, live music stimulates our brain to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure, motivation, and reward. Moreover, live music increases the levels of oxytocin, a hormone that promotes trust, empathy, and sense of belonging.

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An example of how live music can create a connection between people is that of the Coldplay concert at San Siro in Milan in 2017. Over 60 thousand people sang along the songs of the British band, lighting up the stadium with the lights of their bracelets. One of the participants, Elena, said: “It was an unforgettable experience, I felt part of something big and beautiful. I saw strangers hug each other, smile and cry with joy. Music united everyone in one voice and one emotion”.

The power of live sports

Sports is another activity that we are passionate about and involved in, especially when we follow it live. Whether it is soccer, basketball, tennis or anything else, attending a live match makes us experience the adrenaline of competition, the tension of the outcome, the joy of victory or the disappointment of defeat. Live sports also make us identify with our team or our favorite athlete, creating a sense of belonging and pride. In addition, live sports offer us the opportunity to socialize with other people who share our passion, exchanging opinions, comments and jokes.

An example of how live sports can create a feeling of unity and enthusiasm is that of the final of the World Cup soccer in 2006 between Italy and France. Millions of Italians followed the match on television or in squares, cheering for the national team. When Italy won on penalties, a collective party broke out across the country, with flags, chants and horns. One of the fans present in Berlin, Marco, said: “It was the best day of my life. I hugged people I didn’t know, I jumped and screamed like crazy. I felt proud to be Italian and happy to have shared this historic moment with millions of other Italians”.

The power of live cultural events

Live cultural events are those that allow us to get in touch with the works of art, history, tradition and creativity of artists and cultures different from ours. Whether it is an exhibition, a theater show, a festival or a guided tour, live cultural events enrich us from an intellectual and emotional point of view, stimulating our curiosity, our critical sense and our sensitivity. Moreover, live cultural events offer us the possibility to compare ourselves with other people who have similar interests to ours, expanding our vision of the world and our cultural horizon.


An example of how live cultural events can create magic between people is that of the Van Gogh Alive exhibition in Naples in 2019. Over 200 thousand visitors were able to admire the works of the Dutch painter in an immersive and multisensory way, thanks to projections, music and smells. One of the visitors, Laura, expressed her enthusiasm as follows: “It was an extraordinary experience, I felt like I had entered Van Gogh’s paintings. I saw his colors, I listened to his words, I breathed his emotions. I also met other people who were there for the same reason, and we exchanged our impressions and emotions”.

In conclusion, what have we learned from all of this? As a result we have seen, live events have the power to engage us, excite us and make us feel part of a community. Whether it is music, sports or culture, live events offer us psychological and social benefits that we cannot find elsewhere. For this reason, it is worth attending live events whenever we have the opportunity because they make us live unique and unrepeatable experiences.

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